Ingo Stuckmann, Ph.D., Director, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Stuckmann received a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from the University of Heidelberg and conducted research at Harvard thereafter. In 2002, Ingo joined Energy Farming International, a wind farm financing and construction company based in Germany. During his management, 230 MW of wind farm projects were successfully developed in Spain and 329 MW were successfully developed in the US. Energy Farming International merged with Seeba Energy Farming Group in 2007, and Ingo now serves as a Principal of the merged entity. With currently more than 80 employees, SeeBa Energy Farming Group is involved in the planning and developing of more than 900 wind turbines with an accumulated capacity of more than 1300 MW around the world. Approximately 30% of these wind turbines are mounted on SeeBa-lattice towers, the majority with hub-heights of more than 100m. In 2008, Ingo co-founded Zero Emission People LLC for wind energy development in North America.

Henrik Woehlk, CPA, CMA - Director, Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Woehlk started his professional career in the tax department of the Dollar Financial Group (DLLR). In 2008, he joined Market Group Ventures Inc. as Corporate Accountant and in 2010 was promoted to lead a multinational team as Assistant General Manager. Henrik joined Wind Works Power Corp in 2011 and served as Vice-President, Finance previous to taking on the Chief Financial Officer role. Henrik is bilingual and has an international background, having lived in Germany, the USA, and Canada. Henrik is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and graduated from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada with a Bachelor of Economics degree, a Business minor and a Finance specialization. Henrik also holds a Professional Accounting Certificate from Camosun College and received the Certified Management Accountant of British Columbia scholarship award for having achieved excellence in advanced management accounting. In 2010, he received the Victoria Chapter Award for the highest academic achievement during the two-year Strategic Leadership Program (SLP) of the Certified Management Accountant organization. His economic research and financial commentary have been featured on Michael Campbell’s Money Talks, the UK Telegraph, and prominent financial websites.

Dan Albano, Ph.D. – VP Environmental Affairs
· Doctoral degree in avian ecology from University of Massachusetts – Amherst.
· 2005 to 2011 served as the Vice President of Development and Director of Public Policy for Acciona Energy.
· Worked for several years as Senior Scientist for private environmental consulting firm.
· In 2001 joined Global Winds Harvest as Director of Permitting and Environmental Affairs.
· Longstanding experience with environmental due diligence and site suitability, contracting and reviewing environmental impact studies, and working closely with regulators at local, state,and federal levels to permit complex projects under tight timelines.
· Lead permitting experience at > 30 wind projects in the U.S. (NY, PA, ME, LA, IL, KS, SD, ND, MN, CO, NV, OR, and CA) and Ontario, Canada.

Erich Bachmeyer, JD – VP Development
· JD from the George Washington University National Law Center.
· In 2000 joined Global Winds Harvest focusing on land rights agreements, interconnection procedures/agreements and corporate agreements.
· Experienced with the entire greenfield development process of wind power projects across the United States.

Thomas Tschiesche, Ph.D., Advisor
Dr. Tschiesche received a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle and a Ph.D. from the University of Duisburg. Thomas served over 5 years as general manager at Nordex, one of the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers. Over 100 wind farm projects were realized under his management - in locales as varied as Pennsylvania, California, Germany, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and China with Nordex annually doubling its turnover year after year culminating in the IPO in 2001. In 2002 serving as its CEO, Thomas co-founded Energy Farming International, a company for wind farm financing and construction that grew to $100 Million USD in revenue over six years. Energy Farming International merged with Seeba Energy Farming Group in 2007 where he also serves as a Principal of the merged entity. In 2008, Thomas co-founded Zero Emission People LLC for wind energy development in North America.